Terrell Suggs Calls Skip Bayless a Douchebag on ESPN
ESPN's Skip Bayless is one of the most polarizing sports analysts on television.  Bayless has strong opinions and convictions, and never waffles on any subject.  He cut his teeth in the print journalism world before becoming a talking head on ESPN...
Will ESPN Football Analyst Craig James Take Up a Senate Seat?
College football analyst Craig James is taking some time off from his duties with ESPN to contemplate a run for US Senate in Texas. If he does decide to run before the Monday deadline, he’d do so as a Republican, and face some steep competition as he eyes the vacated seat of the retiring Kay B…
Hey Cris Carter, C’MON MAN!
As usual, my mind was racing this morning and I could not sleep. So at 5:30 this morning, I turned on the TV and tuned into Mike and Mike in The Morning.
In my haze, I am listening and not believing what I am hearing.
Not more than a few weeks ago, Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson analysts for ESPN, w…

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