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Drew Brees Slides into “Home” During Rain Storm
Anyone in New Orleans can tell you about the fun-loving nature of one of the NFL’s hardest working quarterbacks. In this video, you can see for yourself. During a rainstorm, Drew Brees and friends decided to have a little fun outside the New Orleans’ Saints training facility.
An Unjustified Suspension
Saints' head coach Sean Payton is not a happy camper after learning about his suspension for the 2012 NFL season without pay.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made the unprecedented  announcement earlier today.
Crumbling Like a Clay Statue
Two weeks ago the Dallas Cowboys were in prime position to make a serious run in the 2011 postseason.  They had just come off their 4th consecutive victory, and with the Giants inability to win the Cowboys saw themselves in first place in the NFC East, with a legitimate shot of winning the…
The Great Franchise QB Debate!
Occasionally on Sportstalk something brought up during an interview turns into a great topic.  Such was the case on Tuesday when former Sportstalk co-host Jeff Flynt joined us from frigid Titletown, U.S.A.

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