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‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 04/04/12 [AUDIO]
Welcome to the MLB and Masters prediction show, plus, maybe some other things here 'On The Sidelines'!
Tonight's show topics include: My predictions for the Masters, my predictions for the MLB season, who cares how Brittney Griner sounds when SHE talks and Champions League...
“On The Sidelines’ Podcast 04/03/12 [AUDIO]
What a last few days, what a weekend, and welcome back, 'On The Sidelines'!
Show topics for tonight: Who is the best college coach right now, My trip to the Final Four, and the weekend sports round up! (better late than never, right?)
Follow us on Twitter: Steve Kaplowitz- @stevekaplowitz, Andy Lee- @…
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/30/12 [AUDIO]
What a sports weekend we have ahead!! Welcome to the weekend and Final Four edition of 'On The Sidelines'!
Show topics for tonight include: The Final Four, will Martha Burke just go away, Slammin' It returns on Saturday and the weekend slate of sports including...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/27/12 [AUDIO]
How is your Tuesday?? We hope it has been a good one!!
Welcome back 'On The Sidelines'!
Show topics from tonight include: The Tuna to the Big Easy?, the NIT, Champions League and Trevor Bayne gets some sponsors for his formerly "un- sponsored" Nationwide Car...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/26/12 [AUDIO]
What a sports weekend!!
Thank you for taking a time out and joining me 'On The Sidelines'!
Tonight's show topics include: Tim Tebow has a press conference or does he, Tiger causes me to get a mohawk, Louisville is in the Final Four, #14 wins in California and yes...
Louisville Vs Kentucky Is More Than A Game
If you didn't already know, I grew up in Kentucky.
In the circles of the Bluegrass State, I am what is termed a "black sheep".
You see, I am the only person from both sides of my entire family that is a Louisville Cardinal fan. The rest, well, they bleed blue and are Kentucky Wi…
Tiger Woods Finally Wins And I Get A Mohawk [PHOTOS]
I never thought this day would come or I would not have made the bet. If Tiger Woods were to win again ON TOUR, then I would shave my head. I let you, the fans vote and thanks to a certain individual that I shall not name, the vote was close until he started going nuts...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/21/12 [AUDIO]
All I can say is... OH MY GOODNESS!! What a morning in the sports world and then what an afternoon and evening!! Oh, I almost forgot, welcome 'On The Sidelines' by the way.
Tonight's show topics include: The NFL puts the hammer down on the Saints, Warren Sapp "outs" t…

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