If there’s one thing SyFy is known for, it’s Battlestar Galactica. But if there are two things, they’re BSG and hilariously bad primordial beast movies.

Enter Syd Wilder. This Georgia peach does for bikinis what bikinis used to do for themselves. If you want to see her in one and can’t be bothered to hunt down her Benchwarmer trading cards, she’s found in this January’s gloriously titled ‘Piranhaconda.’

If you can’t wait till then, or have a deep-seated phobia of chimeras or underutilized actresses, Syd was also in the impossibly-not-a-SyFy-original production ‘Super Shark.’ Or you could check out her act (we said act) at Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank, CA on October 6th.

That’s right, she’s not just a bikini model, she’s a graduate of Pretty Funny Women, although they also employ her as a bikini model, because you don’t sit on that kind of goodness (much as you might want to).

So yes, she can make you laugh, assuming you first re-train your eyes to blink. She’s got eyes that could thaw an iceberg, and a figure that would give the silhouettes on mud flaps body issues. It’d be worth getting devoured by a monster, because deep in the belly of the beast you’d be in low-lit, close quarters with her.