On today's Sports Spin, Andy Lee and myself discussed the news of the University of Washington signing 14-year-old, Tate Martell, to a football scholarship. He accepted it from Steve Sarkisian, the Huskie's head coach. Also, Dylan Moses out of Baton Rouge is being sought after by LSU. Wait...what?

The NCAA has completely skipped high school and has gone straight to the playground. Granted these kids are impressive and for the most part are already sizing up to some college ball players. But nonetheless, they are children. I couldn't help but want to see some tape on these kids, but came across another prodigy player, one who puts youth recruiting into perspective.

I'm not against prepping our children for the future, but I do believe this will take it's toll on these young athletes and add additional pressure to the already competitive fields they play on as teens. Today, parents and coaches tend to set similiar standards in youth sports in an effort to mirror those on the professional playing fields. This just isn't realistic.

Again, I'm not disregarding the talent of these middle-schoolers, because I'm sure it's pretty cool to rep a USC or Huskie cap to recess -- but how young is too young?