After the first three days of camp it is evident that UTEP head football coach Sean Kugler is all business. Former head coach Mike Price was known for having “fun” as one of his major coaching philosophies, but this camp in Alpine under new management is all about football, football and more football.

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Movie outings? Negative

Swim Parties? Nope

If the veterans didn’t know already what to expect from Coach Kugler this camp will solidify that a new era of UTEP football is upon the horizon and if you don’t bring 100% on every snap, this coaching staff will look to the next in line even if that happens to be a freshman.

Kugler has been extremely vocal in his support of redshirting every single freshman that steps on campus, but he understands competition and if a true freshman can help this team win this year that said player will see the field.

One position seems to be a shoe in for a freshman starting with four freshman kickers (Tanner Kneisly, Jay Mattox, Mike Ruggles and Mikael Sroka) at camp and while there have been some struggles there is still plenty of camp left for one or two kickers to emerge as the opening day kicker and/or punter.

Another position that will almost certainly have a true freshman in the mix is Darrin Laufausa, the six-foot one inch, 240-pound fullback was recruited specifically for Kugler’s two-back set and is really the only true fullback on the team.  He is listed #1 on the depth chart and barring a surprise at camp, the job is Laufausa’s to lose.

Even El Paso’s own, Burges high school running back Aaron Jones is turning heads early on in camp as he vies for playing time as a true freshman.

The resounding theme seems to be the best player will play regardless of classification or experience.

After watching an out of breath Kugler talk to the media on this Camp Alpine video from UTEP athletics and reading Sportstalk’s Steve Kaplowitz’s article for What’s Up recapping the Camp Alpine schedule the Mike Price era seems like ancient history.

Still plenty of camp left with plenty of questions to be answered, but so far so good as the Kugler era begins.