When your father’s nickname is ‘El Puma,’ and your mother is a Cuban model, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’re going to grow up to be either: A.) The Most Interesting Man in the World or B.) The Hottest Woman Alive. Lucky for us, in Genesis Rodriguez’s case, it’s the latter.

The Miami-native, first starred in telenovela’s on Telemundo before appearing on a few episodes of ‘Entourage.’ Rodriguez then starred in her first film, the mega-flop, ‘Man on a Ledge’ with Sam Worthington. She’ll be returning to her comfort zone as she stars in ‘Casa de Mi Padre,’ with Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson aka The Other Most Interesting Man in the World), which is being described as an overly-dramatic telenovela comedy.

For all our lady readers out there (Hi Mom!), Rodriguez is also starring in the  upcoming movie based on the pregnancy bible, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ starring pretty much everyone in Hollywood with a pulse. So when your girlfriend or wife or date drags you to see ‘What to Expect,’ at least you’ll know with Genesis Rodriguez, you’ll have something to ogle at.