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The Iceman’s Noshes from Across the Country
Recently I embarked on a trip that lasted 17 days and included 5 states.  Among the places that I visited were St. Louis, Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota.  The final leg of the journey consisted of a 5 day road trip from Chicago to South Dakota with my mom where we visited B…
Man Plays A Tree Like A Record Album
Every tree has an interior set of "rings" that can be used to determine the trees age and also show events the tree has survived. Apparently, they make music too.
The Iceman’s LA Noshes
As you all know by now, when I travel, it is done in style, and there are plenty of  delicious meals that are planned out.  My goal is to find local establishments in various places that I cannot get in El Paso,  My family and I took a trip to Los Angles this past week, and as usual, …

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