Best UTEP Promotional Video Ever [VIDEO]
If you have not seen the new UTEP Football commercial, you are seriously missing out.
If I was designing a TV spot to promote Sean Kugler and his "New Era" of UTEP football, this is it. Just finished less than a week ago, the Miners will win plenty of games if they treat their oppos…
A Car Hits A Bear And The Bear Lives [VIDEO]
Normally, I wouldn't post something like this for two reasons.
One, it has nothing to do with sports and two, I don't like to see an animal get hurt, outside of hunting.
But this video is absolutely crazy. You would think this would have hurt or even killed the bear and it didn't...
600 ESPN El Paso Chad Middleton’s New Look
If anyone has listened to 600 ESPN El Paso this week, they are aware that Sports Spin and Sportstalk's Chad Middleton turned 40 this week. In honor of the big milestone (and much to the delight of his wife Rochelle), he agreed to shave his trademark goatee...
A League of Our Own Winners
Ladies, it was fun! You all did such a great job! No matter who won or lost, I hope this experience helped you keep up with not only your favorite team, but with other key players in the league.
Hines Ward Coming to Sunland Park Casino
It's where the winners play -- and that's for sure. As Joe Montana was a part of the festivities for the Sunland Park Derby this past March. Today, event organizers announced the keynote speaker for the 2013 Sunland Park Gala will be Pittsburgh Steelers' Pro Bowler and Super Bowl MVP …

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