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Well, we do say everything is bigger in Texas, and just by the audacity of the size of this awesome pizza, you know we ain't playing!

Perusing the internet Monday looking for Texas Food Challenges which you can read about in the button below, I came across the Facebook page for Dirt Road Cookers and my jaw dropped. The size of their pizza is almost unbelievable and  I'm not kidding when I say, I am OBSESSED with all things Dirt Road Cookers now.

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You can read about Texas Food Challenges we could soooo beat northerners in by clicking the button below.

Dirt Road Cookers and Their Unbelievable Pizza

Okay, we've got to seriously talk about these Dirt Road Cookers 8 and 12 feet pizzas. Ya, you read it right, 8 and 12 feet! These bad boys can be topped with well, just about anything you can think of for a pizza. The sky is the limit! I mean you could feed up to 325 people with the 12 footers, so you got some options!

What's the pizza cooked on?

The pizza is cooked on a custom-built wood fire pit. It's part of my fascination as someone who loves to cook outdoors.


Where are Dirt Road Cookers located?

Here is the crazy part, THEY COME TO YOU! Located in Hondo Texas, they travel throughout our great state to bring YOU the world's largest commercially available pizza!

Due to COVID, they are scaling back the 12 footer for a bit, and right now it's all about the 8ft pizza. It comes with four toppings of your choice and will feed 150 people.

According to the Dirt Road Cooker Facebook page, owner and chef Kurt Oefinger offers, " We have done numerous events including birthday parties, weddings, wedding rehearsals, family reunions, employee appreciations, company anniversaries, trainings, and just for fun!

Of course JUST FOR FUN is the exact reason I am just looking for an opportunity to holler back at Kurt and get him to cook this pizza at the ranch!

Kurt estimates that the 8 footer which feeds 150 people plus travel from Hondo to the ranch ( hell yes I've already asked him about it!) will only cost about $1,000.00 total. You can spend that on catering for 150 people easily, but it won't wow your crowd, the way this pizza will. I mean it's an 80 plus pound pizza people!


Remember when I said obsessed? Just check out these pictures.

You Won't Believe The Size of this Pizza

HEY!  Maybe we should host a party together? Who wants to go in with me? Just message me on the app and let me know! SERIOUSLY! 

Oh, by the way, you can find these guys and gals at the Halletsville Kolache Festival this year too! Check them out! They will be making a HUGE KOLACHE!

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