By now, you know that a countywide mask mandate is in effect in El Paso. If it is violated, you could face a fine of up to $500. The new mandate requires those 2 years and older to wear a face-covering indoors. Now, the city of El Paso has created an education task force to help make sure that the mask mandate is followed.

The group will talk to managers of establishments like bars or grocery stores to explain the mandate. If they notice that the mandate isn't followed, then comes the fine. With the creation of this force, many of us here at KLAQ are wondering what this official task force will be called?

We went ahead and asked you, our loyal listeners (well, maybe not listeners but loyal commenters on our posts) to come up with a name for this task force.

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Once again you all didn't disappoint. Let's go over some of the answers because it seemed like some of y'all were triggered, but some of you understood the assignment correctly.

Let's start with some not so nice names, and you're lucky they're in Spanish otherwise I don't think I'd be able to write them!


Que groseros!

Now, for some of the more clever ones, like "The Maskateers" and "The Mask-arades"!


Also, bonus points for the "Masky McMaskyface"!

Some of you just see it as a snitch brigade.


Whatever the name they decide to come up with, I'm sure "Masky McMaskyface" won't be the ultimate winner, which is a bummer because that is a huge missed opportunity!

Which one of these names was your favorite?

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