I get it. Lebron James can be a very unlikable guy.

  • He has "Chosen1" tattooed on his back.
  • 'The Decision' to "take his talents to South Beach".
  • He had to team up with other All Stars like Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to win a title.
  • After 'the decision' he talked about how many titles they were going to win in Miami.
  • He is one of the most imposing physical specimens, ever, but can't seem to stop flopping.

So yeah, I get it. He's unlikable. But that shouldn't take away from he is doing. And yeah, I get the whole Jordan vs Lebron debate. It's sports, we always have to compare greats. But don't let that take away from Lebron has done and is currently doing.

I was in Miami when he made the decision to "take his talents to South Beach." I saw what it did to that garbage sports town. Suddenly everyone and their mother was a lifelong basketball fan and Lebron was fouled on every goddamn play. It was beyond obnoxious. But that shouldn't take away from what he's doing.

I've never understood the argument that making it to a Finals (or any championship) and losing is the worst thing in the world. Look at some of the teams that Lebron has taken to the Finals. Hell, look at the one he's taken now. This team is not good. It's almost like the Sixers team Allen Iverson took to the Finals back in 2001. Or the Cavs team Lebron took to the Finals before he went to Miami.

Don't like the guy. That's fine. Take the Jordan side of the Jordan/Lebron debate. But don't let those things blind you to what he's been able to do. And yes, it is possible to like Lebron and Jordan at the same time.


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