Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt? The thrill of adventure & using your smarts & detective skills to discover clues is a great feeling. The biggest obstacle you face is usually against the clock and your own ability to find everything.

Scavenger hunt map

Or is it? Because it turns out there's a game that lets you engage in a scavenger hunt... while you're hunted by zombies. A zombie scavenger hunt.

becky rockwood

What the heck is a zombie scavenger hunt?

The game works the same as a normal scavenger hunt: you're asked to look for specific items; except this time, the scavenger hunt is set during a zombie apocalypse. So the items you're looking for are items to help you survive until the end.

Zombie Rising. A hand rising from the ground!

How does a zombie scavenger hunt work?

The Zombie Scavengers website posted a video on just how they do a zombie scavenger hunt & how to win.

There have been some people have filmed their experiences so people can see how it exactly it works.

There are currently 37 cities all over Texas that you can engage in zombie scavenger hunts. Including Dallas, Round Rock, Plano San Antonio, Amarillo & El Paso. The starting point in El Paso takes place at 111 E Mills Ave.

Cemetery night

I think this is interesting because as it turns out, El Paso & Amarillo rank in the Texas cities most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. Personally it seems like a great opportunity to prove everyone right, or, just maybe, that we deserve the top spot. Or at the very least... maybe El Paso can open up more "zombie survival facilities" so we can train for the real thing.

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