If zombies awoke from the dead & decided to take over the country, will you be prepared? For the last decade or so, thanks to shows/movies like The Walking Dead or Zombieland & video games such as Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil, the thought of a fighting off the undead has, hopefully, trained us for a possible zombie uprising.

Berlin Zombie Run
Carsten Koall

And according to a recent article from Texas Monthly, El Paso ranks very highly on cities that will be prepared if that happens. They ranked these cities in the top 5: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso & Amarillo. El Paso just barely missed the top spot & got #2.

The biggest reason is because our close proximity to Mexico & with Ft Bliss being so close; El Paso will fair very strongly due to the military protection we will have in town. Let alone the amount of Border Patrol agents we have so that's an extra level of security.

Customs And Border Patrol Keep Watch At U.S.-Canada Border
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The other big factor are the giant mountains; which would certainly hinder attacking zombies & slow their rate of reaching their potential victims. It certainly would make it harder if it snowed recently.

Michael Borrego
Michael Borrego

These are all valid points. I would also throw out the fact that:

  • Texas is an open carry state, so zombies wouldn't stand a chance due to the amount of citizens ready to protect their land. (Especially here in El Paso...)
  • We have many buildings & shelters to aid civilians who were unfortunate enough to get attacked.
  • Zombies wouldn't stand a chance on ANY of our highways or roads. Have you seen the way certain people drive in El Paso?

So yes I agree Texas Monthly. El Paso certainly stand up against a zombie apocalypse. Not saying that we'd LIKE TO in the near future; but if we HAD to... we're ready.

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