George “The Animal” Steele was a popular professional wrestler during his stint in the World Wrestling Federation. This week, Steele was back in the headlines for what he did before a minor league baseball game.

Recently, the Rochester Red Wings (Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins) invited him to throw out the first pitch during a game. Most assumed that the 75-year old wouldn’t do anything too bizarre, but you never know when The Animal is involved. During his wrestling career, “The Animal” was famous for tearing up the turnbuckles on the ring with his teeth.

Instead of tossing the normal first pitch, George decided to show off his tough teeth by biting into the ball and ripping some of the rawhide off of it before tossing it towards home plate.

Not to be outdone, in the third inning of the game, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan beat the home plate umpire with a 2X4 until he died.

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