WrestleMania XXVIII had it all this year — drama, intrigue, emotion and some truly great matches making for unbelievably awesome moments. Here the 5 best.

The Hall of Fame inductees take the stage

It’s always a bittersweet moment when the Hall of Fame inductees take the stage at WrestleMania, this year was no different as legends such as the Four Horsemen, Ron Simmons and ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge all appeared on stage as the class of 2012. It was an especially surreal moment for Edge who just last year competed in his last WrestleMania.

The set and pyrotechnic display

Let no one say that the WWE doesn’t go all out for WrestleMania, from the stage to the pyro’s shooting from the roof of Sun Life stadium. An especially cool moment was during CM Punk’s entrance as fireworks shot off from a field behind the stadium. The stage was everything you would expect, palm trees and a lot of money. Also Metallica’s ‘The Memory Remains’ playing as the Hell in a Cell structure lowered was a nice touch.

Jericho vs Punk

With such a personal feud it seemed only fitting that these two would have a grueling match filled with plenty of daring moves, taunts and big counters. Early on Punk flew off the top rope at Chris Jericho who was outside the ring. Before the match a stipulation was added that if CM Punk were to be disqualified he would lose his title, that didn’t come into play, however, as Punk forced Jericho to tap out to his anaconda vice submission maneuver.

The Rock vs Cena

With this being hyped all year as the biggest match of all-time, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it would go on last. Luckily for everyone, the hype was worth it as the match itself was fantastic, featuring plenty of drama and reversals; it was everything we hoped it would be. The Rock looked to be in tremendous shape for having wrestled one tag match in the past few years. It came down to Cena attempting the ‘peoples elbow’ only to have Rock counter with a rock bottom for the win.

The Undertaker goes 20-0

The streak lives! Once again, The Undertaker was victorious at WrestleMania. It’s almost a shame this match didn’t go last as it was absolutely phenomenal. For over half an hour The Undertaker, Triple H and special guest referee Shawn Michaels told one hell of a story inside the ring. It was brutal, emotional and as fitting an end to an era as we could have hoped for.