Last Monday nights game against the Bengals and the Bills saw a horrific moment as Damar Hamlin was hit, fell to the ground and stayed there.

Football is a violent game and injuries, sadly, are par for the course. What happened Monday night though was practically unheard of.

Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers
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Following what appeared to be an average hit, Damar Hamlin stood up quickly and took a couple of steps before falling to his back suffering from cardiac arrest.

Thankfully, as of today, he is awake and showing great improvement.

Every team in the NFL has seen its share of injuries and one former UTEP player, (then known as Texas Western.), actually died after collapsing during a game.

Late in the 4th quarter, Detroit Lion Chuck Hughes suffered a heart attack in the 1971 game against the Chicago Bears and was pronounced dead about 40 minutes later.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins
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In Texas, where football is practically a religion, football players have certainly seen their share of injuries. Some have been career ending.

Here are a few of the worst cases from the Texas gridiron.

Dallas Cowboys:

Houston Texans.

Houston Texans (After the fact)

Texas' football players have suffered many other injuries, these are just the more severe ones.

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