Summer time plans are probably close to coming together for many families. Those plans could include anything from a short weekend trip to a full on vacation adventure. This may not be a weekend trip for East Texans but if you're taking a Friday, weekend and Monday off, a trip to West Texas to visit Balmorhea State Park could be a quick and fun family getaway.

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Balmorhea (pronounced Ball - Ma - Ray) State park is located in Toyahvale about 53 miles west of Fort Stockton.

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Inside of this state park is the world's largest spring fed pool. The San Solomon Springs feed about 3.5 million gallons of water into the pool each day. Because of the constant feed of water, the pool needs no chlorine and stays at a constant 72-76 degrees no matter the air temperature.

There are a multitude of water activities to enjoy when visiting the park. At it's deepest, the pool goes down about 25 feet which you can scuba dive in. Snorkeling can also be fun as the pool is home to several fish species and turtles. The water is clear enough, too, to be able to see some of these from the surface. One end of the pool also has a diving board to perfect those flips.

You will need to purchase a ticket for the day you plan on visiting as only 900 people can be in the park each day. Tickets are only $7 per person with kids 12 and under free and can be purchased HERE. Some cabins are available to stay in overnight but may be closed right now as renovations are going on in parts of the park right now.

For everything you need to know about Balmorhea State Park, go to the Texas Park Parks and Wildlife website.

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