The vagina is a strange and wondrous region for any man to navigate under normal circumstances. Imagine Hazel Jones’ first serious boyfriend’s surprise when he discovered that she had two vaginas.

This was news to then 18-year-old Jones, who had no idea she suffered from uterus didelphys, a one-in-a-million condition that gives a woman two wombs and two cervixes.

Sexual activity had been uncomfortable for Jones, now 27, before the diagnosis. But she made the proper adjustments, and is now able to enjoy a “great sex life.” And, yes, she got to lose her virginity twice.

In the clip below from ITV’s ‘This Morning,” the attractive blond talks about her unique lady area. Unfortunately the interview was heavy on details of her period, and light on discussion of the whole double virginity thing.  We’re sure the whole situation will be a parody porn some day.

‘Two and a Half Wombs.’ Possibly the ‘Two Broke Wombs.’

[via The Daily Mail]