A frightening scene occurred tonight at Fenway Park in Boston during the second inning of the Red Sox game against the A's. Oakland third baseman Brett Lawrie was batting against Wade Miley when he shattered his bat on a swing. A piece of the bat went into the crowd and struck a young woman seated in the third base box seats near home plate. The woman was bloodied by the flying shards of lumber, that the game was delayed for minutes while medics attended to her. She finally was removed from the stadium on a gurney but was heard screaming as she left Fenway Park. The woman was reportedly in attendance with a small child who was shielded from the scene by a police officer in attendance.

The incident happened six weeks after another fan was hit in the head by a foul ball behind the plate at a Pirates game. That woman was later released from the hospital, but it was also another scary incident for America's Pastime. An announcement is made at every game that "fans should beware of flying bats and balls", but sometimes, it is impossible to avoid.