Anytime a fat man gets kicked out of an 'all you can eat' establishment it's going to go viral.  That is precisely what happened to Wisconsin native Bill Wisth.  Wisth is a big boy.  He goes 6'6" and tips the scales at 350 lbs.

Wisth was enjoying what he thought was an 'all you can eat' fish fry at Chuck's Place in Theinsville, Wisconsin.  Wisth was twelve pieces of fried fish deep when employees informed him he was 'cut off.'  The restaurant, citing diminishing supplies and patience, was willing to send Wisth on his way with eight more filets of fried fish.

That wasn't good enough for our portly protagonist.  Wisth refused the eight to go pieces and wouldn't pay his tab.  Police were called, and Wisth was kicked out of the restaurant.  Two days later Wisth returned with a picket sign.

The restaurant claims there is another side to the story.  Chuck's Place has told reporters that Wisth can't always pay his tab and they have let him eat there for free.

Wisth told his side of the story to local television reporters.