This week, city officials announced the CIty of El Paso would be reinstating an indoor mask mandate saying people must wear masks while indoors unless they're eating, exercising, or have a medical condition. When the mandate went into effect on Wednesday, some people in the community weren't aware the mandate went into effect so quickly. Others simply didn't want to put the mask back on and found the new mandate constricting.

As the mandate takes effect, many business owners were wondering how the city will enforce the new indoor mask mandate. KVIA News spoke to Health Department Director Angela Mora who said violators would be reported to law enforcement and then they would be given citations. Violations to the mask mandate qualify as a Class C misdemeanor, which carries a maximum fine of $500.

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As the indoor mask mandate starts to go into effect this week, El Pasoans are starting to look around to see which El Pasoans are going to actually abide by the rules. Some businesses have had a mask mandate since the beginning of the pandemic and the new rule wasn't a chance for them or their operation. Others are trying to see if wearing masks is something their customers are willing to do. And then there are other businesses who are ready to continue the fight to keep masks out of their establishments.

El Pasoans are an interesting group, with some who are ready to continue wearing masks like they have been from the beginning and others are ready and willing to fight. It really just depends on where you go and who you surround yourself with.

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