Australian business tycoon, medical entrepreneur and former doctor, Geoffrey Edelsten is publishing his autobiography this week. In it, he revealed that his wife was once forced by Australian customs to strip completely naked and then pose for file photos. Not that interesting until you get a look at Mrs. Edelstein.

According to Edelsten, his then fiancé, Brynne Gordon-Edelsten was traveling to Australia for their wedding. At Melbourne International Airport, a drug-sniffing dog stopped her, which led to a four-hour customs inspection. Edelsten recounts that his wife, who is a 28-year-old American fitness instructor, was forced “to remove all her clothes, including her underwear, and was photographed,” when an initial search of her person and luggage found nothing.

This seems like something that would only happen in the US, especially when you get a good look at Edelstein’s wife. Oh you didn’t get a good look? This isn’t as good of a show as the one at Australian customs, but remember, this is a PG website.


Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to finish these employment forms for a position with Australian customs.

[Via Daily Mail]