I don't actively watch wrestling anymore but I will totally get sucked into a good documentary or behind the scenes feature. One of the best things to happen over the past year is The Undertaker retiring. Why? He's now doing interviews that he wouldn't do before. He was recently on The Joe Rogan Experience and talked about how he felt he owed it to the audience to really sell the character of The Undertaker to the audience, which is why he never did interviews and anytime he was in public he remained relatively quiet.

One story that gets a lot of talk is the behind-the-scenes wrestling match between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. Not a WWE-style match. An actual wrestling match. Each one had a differing level of pedigree when it came to amateur wrestling. Lesnar was a college champion while at the University of Minnesota. Angle not only won NCAA championships as well, but he won Olympic gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Oh, and he won that gold medal with a BROKEN NECK.

I've heard lots of different versions of this story. One version of the Angle vs Lesnar feud was that Angle would taunt Lesnar trying to goad him into a real wrestling match, and Lesnar would usually run away because he knew he would lose. Well, Angle was on with Stone Cold Steve Austin talking about the feud with Lesnar and he spilled the beans about what really happened when the two of them squared off for real.

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