Now that Auburn beat Alabama with the greatest ending in college football, this is how the BCS ranking are going into the conference championship week.

1. Florida St.

2. Ohio St.

3. Aubrun

4. Alabama

5. Missouri

6. Oklahoma St.

Four of these 6 teams are playing in a conference championship game, as long as Florida St. wins, they're in the BSC title game. The same can't be said for Ohio State or Auburn.  Some people feel that Auburn has beaten better opponents that Ohio St, so if they both win, Auburn should jump Ohio St.  But if Ohio State destroys Michigan St. then they should be safe. But what if Missouri beats Auburn, Is Alabama back in? What if Ohio State loses? I know it can get a bit confusing.

So my question to you is Who do you wan to see in the BCS Championship game?

You can vote in the poll below:



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