With about two weeks to go till opening day, who do you see winning the world series this season? Of course, it's barely spring and may be to early to get any real idea of how teams are perfoming. However if I had to make a decision on a team that I favor, the Dodgers quickly come to mind. With the moves that they made mid season last year by acquiring Carl Crawford, Nick Punto, Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez from the Boston Red Sox and also having the highest payroll in major league baseball. The Dodgers have easily put themselves in a great position to win the world series.  April 1st will give us some insight if the Dodgers have what it takes to be champions. The Dodgers will start the season off against their NL West rivals and defending champs the San Francisco Giants. I am curious to see what teams people feel are world series contenders and to see if the dodgers can actually pull it out this year.