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After seven weeks of the National Football League season, the number of division races that are just about over is climbing.

We basically know the NFC East winner (Dallas), the NFC North winner (Green Bay), and the AFC East winner (Buffalo), and we might know if the AFC South will be a race or not on Halloween.

But there are still some interesting races, especially for NFL futures bettors. You can make some money here in the next two months, and you don’t even have to have your cash tied up for that long: well, not nearly as long as you would have if you bet teams in July or August.

Here are some teams that might be worth a look on the NFL division betting future odds with some bookies in Iowa and other states.

Cincinnati Bengals, 5-2, +350 odds to win AFC North

Are the Baltimore Ravens the better team in the division? Maybe: but the Bengals just blew out the Ravens in Baltimore, and now have the tiebreaker.

Can this continue all the way to an NFC North title? Maybe: but you can get pretty good odds on the Ravens now as well. Speaking of that…

Baltimore Ravens, 5-2, -110 odds to win the AFC North

It is going to be hard for many people to pass up the Ravens to win the AFC North at nearly even money. Just a few weeks ago, they had much higher odds: it is amazing how one win early in the season can swing bettors’ opinions.

And don’t be fooled, we are still early in the season despite the seven games played. There are still 10 games left in this 17-game campaign, so this might be the best odds you are going to get on Baltimore.

Los Angeles Chargers, 4-2, +100 odds to win AFC West

Are the Chargers the best team in this division? I think the Kansas City Chiefs (3-4) still believe they are, but my eyes are telling me they are not. Are the Las Vegas Raiders (5-2)? I don’t know, but that might be a trickier call than the Chiefs.

My money would be on the Chargers, who by the time January comes around might be the favorites to win the AFC. Home field is going to be so big in the playoffs: no one wants to play in Buffalo in January.

Kansas City Chiefs, 3-4, +220 odds to win AFC West

If you would have told me before the season that I could get the two-time defending AFC champions at +220 to win the AFC West after seven weeks, I would have laughed at you. They have Patrick Mahomes, after all.

But that is where we are heading into late October. Now (once again), I do not know if the defense can be fixed, and the offense might have been found out in 2021. But (once again), there are still TEN WEEKS of football to be played, and you must believe that this team could reel off six or seven wins in a row, right? It might be a suckers’ bet, but you have to think this team is going to get hot, and you won’t get nearly as good odds if they do.

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