Depending on when you grew up, could dictate which NBA dunk contest you think is the best. Well, here are some options with the videos, and you can decide for yourself.

First up, we have the most recent dunk contest that I don't think gets enough love. This contest was beyond amazing. For years, the dunk contest was awful. It was a bunch of staged garbage with Dwight Howard. Here is 2016 between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon.

Here is the 2000 dunk contest with Vince Carter. You can look at this a couple different ways. First, Vinsanity made the dunk contest relevant. For years it was terrible. And he was far and away above anyone else in the competition. But that could also be a knock on this one. The fact that there was no "competition" that year. Just Vince.

There are a lot of options for Jordan versus Wilkins. And it doesn't feel right to leave out Spud Webb. So here is the first one between Jordan and 'Nique.

In 1986 if was Spud Webb bringing home the crown.

Then you had the rematch between Jordan and Wilkins in '88.

While I don't think this one is really in the conversation of best, you can't forget how great Jason Richardson was.

And of course, we need to remember Nate Robinson.

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