The state of sports media in 2011 is such that an athlete can hardly fart without it being captured on a cell phone camera and posted on TMZ and Deadspin within 30 minutes. I miss the days where recovering addicts could fall off the wagon in privacy. (see Hamilton, Josh)

In the information, instant analysis age why does the Iowa football story fall so flat?  If you're not familiar with the story,  thirteen members of the Iowa Hawkeye football team were hospitalized with a rare kidney ailment related to over exertion.  The clinical name is rhabdomyolysis and it occurs when muscle is destroyed and the pigment in it that makes it red, called myoglobin, gets into the kidneys and can damage them.

I understand the Iowa Hawkeyes are not the Dallas Cowboys, but it's not like they are Central Grand Valley State Tech either.  Iowa is a BCS school that has won a BCS bowl game in the last three years.  I'm not here to cast blame or point fingers.  I am simply curious how an athlete taking a body shot off a co-ed goes viral, and no one in the national media is too concerned about thirteen division one football players from the same team being hospitalized with a kidney ailment related to over exertion.