UFC 202 - Weigh-in

The single best way to watch a UFC fight is at your own home, with a bbq going, friends and fans to talk trash to, make cheap one-dollar bets, and run to the bathroom when needed.  Plus you have the added luxury of pausing fights if waiting for that straggler who is incapable of showing up on time (we all know those, and we all wish we could just not invite them).

If this option is not available, there are three places in particular where I enjoy watching fights for their ambiance, food and ease of viewing.

1.  Frankie's: Located at 5850 Onix near Sunland Park mall, this is my standard go-to.  More than many other locations, Frankie's seems to draw the most MMA fans.   If you are in the mood for a more rowdy, rambunctious atmosphere, Frankie's has the most hooting and hollering and opportunities to bet while waiting in line for the bathroom or to get a beer.  The food is bar food, and drink specials are announced between every fight as they spin a wheel.  There are inside and outside areas to watch the fight, which has the added benefit of allowing you to choose how much yelling you want to be surrounded by.

2.  Nona's: Located at 6404 N. Mesa, Nona's is a pizza joint that regularly shows the UFC fights.  The best bet is to get there early, hungry and grab a table.  If you order a pizza and some beers you will be allowed to keep that spot for the remainder of the night.  While not as rowdy as Frankie's, Nona's has the benefit of only filling to capacity, so the vibe is slightly more intimate.  The food is top notch, and the servers are particularly good.  The one downside is if you arrive too late, there may not be a spot for you to sit and enjoy the night.

3.  Cabo Joe's:  Located at 7942 Gateway East, Cabo Joe's is the best location if watching the fight is secondary to other types of viewership.  Often times there will be a large percentage of people there who are not particularly interested in the fights, and for the fair-weathered fan who really only wants to see the main event, Cabo Joe's is the best location to meet new people and chat while waiting for the fight you want to see.  They compensate for large screens with a ridiculous amount of smaller screens that cover every square inch beneath the ceiling. Food is great, atmosphere is essentially a well-populated bar.

Between those three, you have options of what atmosphere you wish to enjoy the fights.  While I prefer to focus solely on the fights, if I invite friends that are not particularly interested I adjust the location.  Regardless, short of hosting the fight at your own house, these three locations offer viable alternatives.