Following Conor McGregor's unprecedented attack on a bus leaving the Barclays Center on Thursday carrying several UFC fighters scheduled to partake in UFC 223, questions have risen, was this a legitimate attack, or a hoax?  McGregor was stripped of his lightweight title by UFC president Dana White, which was to be given to the winner between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway in the main event, however that fight was canceled because Holloway was medically declared unfit to fight.  Holloway was a fill in for Tony Ferguson.  This insane roller coaster continues though as Anthony Pettis was to fill in for Holloway for the title, but was denied to do so by the New York State Athletic Commission.

Since the incident yesterday, McGregor turned himself in to police, was arrested and charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.  In an interview on ESPN's morning show 'Get Up' Dana White mentioned that he has no intention of helping McGregor with his legal troubles, and said what occurred was both 'disgusting and despicable.'  It is easy to see why people are questioning whether this was real or simply a publicity stunt due to the fact that McGregor has caused ruckus at media events in the past, and even jumped out of the octagon and got in a referee's face one time following a fight.  These exploits were seen as shticks as well and led to his infamous yet popular persona.

Apparently, fighters on the bus were talking trash to McGregor prior to boarding and started banging the windows prior to their attempted departure before Conor lost it.  The ramifications of McGregor's actions were severe because not only does it jeopardize his career, but also fighters Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg received facial and eye injuries, and were forced from competing in their bouts at UFC 223 as a result of the attack.  Dana White also threw Artem Lobov off the card because of his involvement in the incident with McGregor and his entourage.  Ironically, Chiesa was supposed to fight Pettis, who was to replace Max Holloway as was previously noted , but can't fight now due to his face getting cut by broken glass from McGregor's mashugana attack.

Personally, I think this was a legitimate occurrence and not a shtick.  McGregor has always been a hothead and lost his marbles.  Will he ever fight in the UFC again?  What a rhetorical questions this is, the man is a cash cow, and one of the greatest draws and fighters in UFC history; money talks, we all know that.  Athletes have done worse things in the past and been given second chances.  Don't get me wrong, this could have been one hell of a publicity stunt, but in reality it seems legit, as fighters were injured and McGregor was arrested, not to mention that it is a black eye on the UFC. In the end money solves many problems in life, hence the reason why this will eventually blow over, and we'll see the Irishman in the octagon again in the future.

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