Guys, we have something important we need to discuss.

There comes a point in every man's life when he has to stop wearing his hat backwards. It may be okay when you're a kid on your bike, wind in your hair, getting your first taste of freedom. It's a whole other thing when you're a grown man with a real job, tethered to a cubicle, trying to make ends meet to pay off a mortgage.

It's a rare man who can pull off being a functional adult in the world while wearing a backward cap. Baseball players have a built-in excuse, since hats are as much a part of their work attire as the clip-on tie is part of yours.

Look at Ken Griffey Jr. The above photo is of him in 2004 when he was 34 and playing for the Cincinnati Reds.

The photo below is of Ken Griffey Jr. in 2016 when he was 46 and being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He's still flawlessly working it.

Ken Griffey Jr.
Getty Images

But, guess what? You're less Ken Griffey, Jr. and more Ken Bone.

Griffey can do this because his name is "The Kid." You're a man whose athletic prowess these days is comprised of sifting through the couch cushions as quick as you can to find the remote. You can't be taken seriously when your hat is not on properly because you look like you just don't want to grow up.

After those late nights in that hazy year after college when you're still unsure what direction your life is going you can wear that cap backwards. But, beware: before you know it, you're going to be an overweight 35-year-old man with a gut hanging over your belt taking your kids to Little League looking like a man desperately clinging to an era when you could go to the corner bar for 14 hours every Saturday watching college football, only to come home to eat cold pizza left over in your fridge because it's too late to order out. At some point, we all must wear the hat forward. Come on, make the leap.

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