The last night of the NBA regular season is gonna be huge, but it's not because there's a playoff spot on the line. Nope, the reason why is because on Wednesday night, the Golden State Warriors have the chance to have the most regular season wins in the history of the NBA. Oh and some guy nicknamed the "Black Mamba" is playing his final game in his incredible 20 year career.

So which ticket is more expensive? Watching the Warriors break the record or watching Kobe Bryant's last game? Thanks to ESPN's Daren Rovell we know the answer:

Fans have paid a StubHub average of $971 for a ticket at the Staples Center to see No. 24 take the final shots of his 20-year NBA career for the Lakers, against the Jazz, while StubHub data shows the average price paid for the Grizzlies-Warriors game on Wednesday night is now $436.