Ask Noe Gasca of Port Isabel, Texas what he thinks of Christmas and he’ll tell you it’s the most Whata-ful time of the year.

And he has the tree in his living room to prove it.

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Gasca lit up the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook Group with thousands of likes and comments after posting a photo of his Whataburger inspired Christmas tree decked out with Whataburger drink cups, fry boxes, and lots of iconic table tents.

“Ordering Whataburger every day just to save all this was insane,” Noe wrote on the post. “haha I ain’t complaining lol.”

He began assembling supplies for the Yuletide testament of his deep love for Texas’ beloved burger chain at the beginning of November. And by ‘assembling’ I mean eating at Whataburger on the daily.

"I can eat it literally for breakfast, lunch, and dinner," Gasca told "I mean, you can just never go wrong with Whataburger." Spoken like a true Whataburger fanatic.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree How Tasty are Your Branches

Noe Gasca
Noe Gasca

He said he spent about $300 on the food, carefully putting away the Whataburger bags and boxes, Styrofoam cups, and French fry containers. And yes, MySA notes, he washed and cleaned everything before hanging them on the tree.

Sure, you could just go to the Whataburger online store and purchase ornaments and table tents but where's the fun in that?

The ornaments were made using clear Dollar Store ornaments and a Cricut, a computer-controlled cutting machines made for home crafters. The table tents "are borrowed from coworker who has a collection of them," he told me. Riiight.

The tree-topper, he said, was custom-made.

Awesome job, Noe. And don’t forget to leave Santa a Double Meat Whataburger Meal with fries on Christmas Eve; Whata-sized, of course. And a Diet Coke. The Big Guy is watching his weight.

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