You may have heard the El Paso Zoo is bringing back its Valentine’s Day event allowing scorned lovers to get back at a former love.

It’s called “Quit Bugging Me,” and even though it’s being held on the most holiest day of love, it’s more of an anti-Valentine’s Day thing allowing you to submit the first name of the former love which will then be assigned to a cockroach and fed to Meerkats and other cockroach-eating zoo animals.

If you're wondering how you can get in on the acrimonious fun, here's what to do. From now through February 15, submit the first name of your ex via the zoo’s website.

Only names submitted through the website will be accepted. Names sent via Facebook or any of the El Paso zoo's other social media accounts will not be part of the promotion.

Only the ex's first name will be displayed. The sender's name will not be. All names will be displayed anonymously.

There is no fee to submit a name, but in an effort to raise money for the El Paso Zoo’s conservation efforts, the zoo director has pledged to eat a cockroach for every $1,000 raised. When you log onto the submission page you will see two buttons; Submit Name with Donation and Submit Name Without Donation. Click on whichever one works for you.

"Quit Bugging Me" will be carried out Friday through Sunday, Feb. 14-16, and streamed live via the zoo’s social media platforms.

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