Just this past weekend some of us had the pleasure of spending more than 10 minutes at a stoplight. Now if we are being honest here, you know of either a couple or a few street lights that pull that.

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I can NOW say I know of not one but two street lights that take forever to turn green. The only one I had ever encountered throughout El Paso happened to be by the station.

The street lights at Executive Center and N. Mesa St. suffer from the same problem sometimes. I remember reversing into Family Dollar's parking lot just to at least get out of the spot I was stuck in.

But I and other drivers who were waiting to turn left at Pellicano and Zaragoza last Saturday. It was one of those street lights that irritated drivers who spent tons of minutes just waiting to turn.

Now, as it is, the traffic in that area is intense, and a set of broken street lights doesn't help. But sure enough, the lane to turn left at Pellicano caused a line of cars.

The light stayed red for over ten minutes and cars waiting to turn got fed up. They wanted out of the line and were desperate enough to try escaping by having to beat oncoming traffic.

Now the question I have here for you is if you have experienced the same issue in El Paso. What other street lights have you waited at that skips its turn several times for a green light?

Now it is no fun as you wait and watch the other directions get a pass while you're being skipped. So if you ever see a driver just take a red light, NOW, you know why.

But if different street lights come to mind you can report that issue by clicking here.

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