Now that the Dallas Cowboys season has come to an end, here's a couple of things that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needs to do.

The first thing Jerry Jones needs to do is re-sign head coach Jason Garrett and some key members of his coaching staff as they are all free agents as of Sunday. Speaking of free agents, two of Dallas' biggest stars, wide receiver Dez Bryant and running back DeMarco Murray are free agents.

Wether Jerry Jones likes it or not he's gonna have to pay Bryant and Murray, both are pro bowlers and are a big reason for the Cowboys success.  The debate begins on who do you sign and who do you franchise. Do you give the number one rusher in the league the money he wants or do you give it to your best playmaker? Or do you pay one of them and let the other go?

Clearly, Jones has a big decision to make, but if he wants to get back into the playoffs next year, he's gonna need both of them. That is of course if he's able to get Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice.

Another big reason for the Cowboys success this season was the play of the offensive line. And the reason they were good is because Dallas has drafted an offensive lineman the past 3 out of 4 drafts. So now that the offensive line is good, Jones and company need to focus on the defense. Wether it is a defensive lineman, back or safety, the Cowboys need to draft a defensive player with the first pick in this year's draft.

The Cowboys also need another quarterback...yes I know that Tony Romo had his best year ever but when he went down with an injury, we all saw that Brandon Weedon isn't the answer.  They need to draft another quarterback and start thinking about a future without Romo.  The Green Bay Packers did it when they drafted Aaron Rodgers and they didn't skip a beat when Brett Favre retired.

Oh and Mr Jones, can you please use your power to get that stupid Calvin Johnson rule changed!