Everybody surfing the internet runs into it eventually: the dreaded 404 page. 404 is a self-explanatory error code meaning the page the user entered isn’t valid, so the website has no idea where to send you. As a result, it redirects you to the 404 page to explain the error and offer some links to elsewhere in the site.

In the case of Penthousemagazine.com, the 404 page shows you naked women. It also let’s you choose from hundreds of photos of gorgeous women.

Of course, this is Penthouse, so their entire reason for having a website is to show people naked women. In fact, solely for scientific purposes, we checked every page on the website and can verify that it does, in fact, have an average of 2.32 pair of breasts per page, regardless of page topic.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, scientific research has no value unless you repeat it several times, alone, in the dark, with the new Amos Lee album playing softly in the background.

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