Laws are made all the time, and most of the time it is in an effort to protect citizens.  However, certain laws that were made at the time, seemed reasonable, and don't remain reasonable.

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When we think of concealed in Texas, the topic of concealed carry comes up involving guns.   Did you know that there was once a law on the books that prohibited concealed carry of a tool?

Wire Cutters!

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

It used to be illegal in our state capital of Austin to conceal carry or even carry wire cutters on your person.  You might think, "why would carrying wire cutters be illegal, especially when wire cutters are just a convenient tool.'

The law was created in the days of the old west. Back in the day when people were fighting open range vs. fencing land.  This was when barbed wire was one of the ways to fence your property and pen your cows or livestock to keep them from roaming.

This was was put into place to prevent people from cutting fences.

I can understand how this might put a bandaid on the problem, but why didn't they just put a law into place that says, it is illegal to cut a fence that isn't yours?

The law isn't in force these days, in fact, it was removed from the Penal Code in 1973.  However, a ton of Texans were breaking that law for decades.  It was hard to find a farmer or rancher through the early 70s who didn't have wire cutters on their person.

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