After numerous flight delays, WBA Light Middleweight champion Austin Trout arrived in El Paso at 10:30pm Monday night. More than 50 people gathered at El Paso International Airport to welcome him back home after his unanimous decision  over Miguel Cotto Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.

In an interview with Trout yesterday on Sportstalk, the undefeated champ asked me if I was planning to meet him at the airport when he arrived? Instead of saying “yes”, I told him that it would depend on my family. Now that I am a father with a nearly 6-month old boy, my nights are totally devoted to my wife Karen and helping with little Joel. Trout seemed a little disappointed by my response, but I told him I would try to make it to the airport.

About five minutes later, I received a call from a listener, Aly, who was very disappointed that I did not commit to meeting Trout at the airport. In fact, she called me out on my own radio show.

"I cannot believe that a World Champion has just asked you, Steve Kaplowitz to go to the airport and greet him home. You need to do whatever you can to be (your wife) flowers, get her a card, and get down on your knees. What's important to "No Doubt" Trout is the love and admiration of the people around him and he basically begged you to meet him at the airport."

At this point, I did what any loyal family man would do…I called my wife and explained the situation to her. I was not going to the airport if Karen needed me home. However, I married a keeper 6 1/2 years ago and she was not going to let me look bad in front of the World Champ. What is incredible about what happened next is that Karen thought we were talking off-the-air. Here’s how both conversations went.


After much convincing and hours of waiting, I was finally able to congratulate the champ, Austin Trout. (Photo courtesy of Crystal Dominguez)

As you can tell by that phone call, my wife is a saint and appreciates my job. When I arrived at El Paso International Airport at 9:45pm, I found out Trout’s flight had been delayed by another 45 minutes. Once again, I gave it a lot of thought, but I had to stay to meet the champ.





After everything that happened, it was worth it. And it looks like Trout will be in-studio along with trainer Louie Burke next Wednesday.