The trailer for Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ hit the web today and confirmed many of the things people speculated about the pending game; It will be awesome. 

The biggest confirmation to recent rumors is the fact that GTA V will definitely take place in a “Los Angeles-esque city” as evidenced by shots of the iconic beach line and rows of high priced stores along a street that strongly resembles Sunset Boulevard.

The trailer does allude to a possible storyline. The voiceover talks about “moving out to the big city” to “get away from a life he didn’t want” but that the life always has a way of finding him. That is the exact reason we enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto — to take us away from a life none of us want that always comes back to find us when the game is over. Stealing cars and random interactions with ‘women of the night’ doesn’t hurt either.

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