Most youngsters playing sports are always taught to wear a protective cup just in case a ball, bat, helmet, stick, cleats, or anything else accidentally hits you in the lower region. However, many college and professional athletes refuse to wear these cups because they feel restricted.

In baseball, catchers are told to wear a banana cup, which gives them the best protection against a foul ball or bat. However, New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli might not have taken that advice last night. Cervelli went down in a heap of pain after a foul ball from Detroit's Rajaj Davis hit him squarely in the penis.

As a former baseball player, I can tell you that a foul ball to the nuts hurts like hell, even if you're wearing a cup. The best part of the video was when the Yankee trainer was feeling the catcher's shoulder area, prompting Yankees' television broadcaster Ken Singleton to wonder if Cervelli had injured his "collarbone" when he was on the ground writhing in pain.