If you heard the Chivas-Cruzeiro game here on Team 600 ESPN, you heard everyone's surprise late in the second half when Cruzeiro's Ricardo Goulart suddenly blasted the ball from his own half of the field toward the Chivas net.

It was an incredible moment that found its way onto the web, as the game was being beamed via satellite and broadcast in Mexico and Brazil.

Everyone's jaw dropped at the same time -- ours, the Brazilian TV announcers, the camera crew, the fans in the stands...and CD Chivas goalkeeper Antonio Rodriguez, who found himself way too far off his line after a cheap turnover.

Goulart whistled a first-time shot some 60 yards -- from his own half of the field into the Chivas net -- to score one of the most amazing goals I have ever seen in person!

Exhibition or not, it shows Goulart's ability. Recognition to see a lazy pass he could pick off in midfield and of where the keeper was almost at the same time, then to take a five-step run-up and blast a shot with both strength and enough trajectory to chip it over Rodriguez, and the shooting accuracy to put the ball right where he wanted it from 60 yards away.

Though the crowd of 15,171 was 95-percent pro-Chivas, the goal didn't draw boos as much as it did sounds of appreciation. Like grass in the Sun Bowl, it was quite a spectacle!

Can't wait to do it again soon.