Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped at gunpoint at his home in Venezuela on Wednesday night.

Little information is known about the abduction, but reports say that four men had driven past Ramos’ mother’s home before grabbing him and speeding away.

Ramos was in Venezuela, playing in a winter baseball league. “It’s going to be bad for the culture, for the league, for everything. Wilson is one of the best players that we had. It’s bad. It’s real bad, for all Venezuelan people and fans. We are all shocked,” said a Ramos family friend.

The US Department of State has called kidnappings in the country “a growing industry.” Past kidnappings included the brother of Henry Blanco, Yorvit Torrealba’s son, and Victor Zambrano’s mother.

Ramos batted .267 with 15 home runs this season and is seen as one of the Nationals’ emerging, young stars.