If you haven't heard the word from the bird then buckle up for this news. Walmart has announced its stores will not be open on Thanksgiving Day. It's gonna be the first time in a long time kind of moment for Walmart coming this fall. Walmart has announced they will be closing their doors on Thanksgiving Day. The last time it was like this was over 30 years ago. The CEO of Walmart in the U.S., John Furner had announced this shocking news and why. John Furner got two things right, first, that holidays should be spent with their loved ones. Secondly, the employees deserve the upcoming holiday off for their hard work during these times. That just means last-minute shoppers like me will have to shop in advance the way sane people do.

Since Walmart announced they will be closed Thanksgiving Day, had me remembering my experiences during their huge sales. I remember trying my best and taking an elbow to the head by some dude for a laptop years ago. I can tell my kids the stories of surviving the sales at Walmart on Thanksgiving Day. Walmart's shocking news got me thinking that this could be a blessing in disguise. When Walmart holds its special Thanksgiving sales event everyone knows it can get out of hand. It amazes me how many people will fight for a materialistic item. People throwing punches and ignoring that children are around won't be happening this year. Our El Paso Police Department probably won't report as many domestic disputes as to the years prior.

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