Sony may be stubbornly refusing to lower the price of its slow-selling Vita handheld, but at least retailers are stepping up to toss in some awesome stuff in for free in order to make the system a sexier buy. Maybe not Kate Upton sexy, but certainly at least Mileena sexy.

Amazon is offering the hottest-looking deal for the Vita we’ve spotted yet. The $250 buy-in gets you not only the handheld, but a 4GB memory card and that new Mortal Kombat game we liked quite a bit. The deal is only good for the lower-end, WiFi-only model but as we told you back in our initial review of the system, the more expensive 3G model doesn’t offer you much to justify dropping the extra $50.

Usually bundles like this are a harbinger of even wackier deals to come. We’ve got visions of a Vita with an 8GB memory stick and vouchers for downloadable game and movie.

If you want a Vita, we recommend waiting another month to see if Sony has a price cut or super bundle announcement at June’s E3 convention.

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