Last year, a few members of the USC football team caused some controversy when they expressed their displeasure on social media about playing Georgia Tech in the Hyundai Sun Bowl. It also turned the El Paso sports fans into big Yellow Jackets fans. What a difference a year makes. Not only did the Sun Bowl Association get a great potential matchup with Virginia Tech and UCLA, but players and coaches from both teams have expressed their excitement about coming to El Paso for the 80th Hyundai Sun Bowl game.

Virginia Tech freshman defensive tackle Woody Baron took the news about playing in El Paso to another level. Baron, who is minoring in Spanish, recorded this video on the Virginia Tech team website.

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It's great to watch a player go out of his way to endear himself to our city. When Baron, who wears #60 enters the game for the Hokies, he will have plenty of El Paso fans rooting for him. More important, this video illustrates how these two teams will not make the same mistake that USC was guilty of just one year ago.