Hockey fans can rejoice and save the date for January 13 because hockey is back. Some of us are looking forward to another season of the bilingual sport you hear English and profanity at.

I am hoping the team I became fond of will have a great season this time around. It's funny how big of a difference the mascot makes when I picked my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. But counting down the days seems like it is taking forever to get here already. As we near that date, I couldn't help but remember a great memory I have with the El Paso Rhinos hockey team.

This short comedy story happened to me a couple of years ago in 2018. A big group of people who work in the media outlet (like me) was invited to puck around with the El Paso Rhinos.

Now, let me tell you, it was pretty intimidating for me since I was the only chick with a bunch of dudes including my own boss.

Our very own, Duke Keith and Steve Kaplowitz also participated and they all did a MUCH better job than me.

Not only that, our digital boss was taking our pictures too.

Besides that, not only was I competing with a bunch of dudes but also in front of the players too. Before it was my turn to shoot the puck into the goal I had to give myself a pep talk. I also kept hoping to God I wouldn't fall flat on my tush or face-first into the ice.

Well, I didn't exactly win a prize but I won the confidence of manning up to something I once was shy to do. Also, the good news, I managed to stay feet flat on the ice the entire time.

It was nice to puck around with the El Paso Rhinos and try something new.

Pucking around with the El Paso Rhinos

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