El Paso's stay at home order has affected all of u in one way or another. These musicians found a way to play despite it.

UTEP graduate student Chris Beroes-Haigis is a cello player and music lover who decided the current quarantine wasn't going to stop him from sharing his love of music or from collaborating with other musicians.

“While many of us are isolating ourselves in our homes during the global pandemic, I thought that these video collaborations could be a fun and creative way to stay connected with friends around the world. The emphasis for me is simply on doing something together that brings us a little closer in spirit, even while we must be physically distant.” - El Paso Herald Post

Chris has been using the internet to work with other musicians and friends from El Paso and from around the world to create pieces which you can find on the El Paso Pro-Musica webpage. Read more about Chris;' accomplishments here and hear him play in the video above.

Once again, El Paso's local musicians rise to the occasion when it comes to providing us with the one thing we all love .. MUSIC!

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