On Saturday night at the UTEP vs NMSU game, Miles Cepeda, a member of the UTEP student section called the Miner Maniacs accepted a dare from his older brother Louis to strip down to a Speedo when a NMSU player shot free throws.

Normally, I miss these things but the roar that went up from the student section made me look and my seat on press  row allowed me to see Miles going crazy in just his Speedo. Steve had a great vantage point from the opposite end of the court because he was shooting the game and got this great shot below.


Photo courtesy of Steve Kaplowitz


Steve asked if anyone knew who the "Speedo Guy" was to tweet or text us. Within seconds we were told that Louis Cepeda's brother Miles was the guy and now will forever be know as the "UTEP Speedo Guy"

You can see videos on Instagram and YouTube but for now, listen to the interview we had with him today when again, he was dared by us to show up at Shamaley Buick GMC in just the Speedo and Steve would interview him.

He did and the rest is some of the funniest stuff you have ever heard. Thanks to Miles for being such a great sport. He did a great job.